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Is that door open? Is it closed? Automatically opening door? Is that door locked? Need technical support?
DOLNET keeps you informed in real time from the comfort of your work station.

DOLNET is a web-based app and needs no installation.

The app is accessed extremely easily by simply entering your login credentials. Once you’ve logged in, the current status of your doors is displayed by the web app in a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Whether on-board the ship or ashore, DOLNET lets you control your DOLMEN doors.
Manage the doors on-board just one ship or all the ships in your fleet.

PRACTICAL: Manage all your doors from any device.

SIMPLE: A clear and intuitive user interface.

When was the last time that door was opened?

When was the last request for technical support?

How many opening events were registered yesterday for that door?

Dolnet gives you clear reports and a detailed activity log for all of your doors.


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